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    When I am creating a mesh for upload to Shapeways I will most of the time do a ‘quick and dirty’ upload of a single item. Example, a single transformer. That allows me to get a quicker response from the Shapeways software checks and fix any problems .. mostly thin walls. That mesh is saved on my hard drive and then duplicated as many times as I think necessary (the number of times involves several things .. (1) overall cost (2) number of faces (has to be no larger than 1M (3) file size has to be no larger than 64MB

    Let’s use my stick of HO insulators as an example, The customer pays $7.72 if printed in FUD and $9.30 in printed in FXD. Those costs include a $5 handling fee for processing Frosted Detail Plastics and then Shapeways charges a flat rate $5 shipping.

    What this means is that if you were to place an order for three of the insulator sets in FUD .. it would cost you $7.72 x 3 = $23.16 + $5 shipping for a grand total of $28.16.

    Shapeways has a limit for a single file upload of 64MB and the mesh has to be under 1MB faces. My set of HO insulators has 265,324 faces and is 12,956 KB in size. That means I can create a single mesh with three sticks of insulators. Doing this would drop the cost to $12,16 .. if my number crunching is right. That is a big difference.

    So if you want to place an order for multiple sets of the same item send me an email (link to be added), via a contact form (to be added) or post up to the forum with a new topic (preferred since that would get others involved). We can discuss it. If the mesh is within the constraints of a 64MB filesize/1M faces then I can create that mesh, upload it and save you money.

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