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    (from Wikipedia – Fire Hydrant) : Hydrant coloring may be due to either purely practical criteria or more artistic. In the United States, the AWWA and NFPA recommend hydrants be colored chrome yellow for rapid identification apart from the bonnet and nozzle caps which should be coded according to their available flow.


    These are guidelines and not laws. The service that maintains fire hydrants in a district are not required to paint them in this manner. Estimates are that only half paint hydrants are painted according to this code. Some places the body is painted yellow, red, silver with the bonnet and nozzle caps painted according to the code. In other places the entire fire hydrant is painted according to the code.


    placementLike everything else the placement varies by community. The nozzle 18″ to 2′ minimum and 3′ to 7′ maximum from the curb, 18″ to 28″ from the ground. Note that the drawing shows a 2′ distance from the curb. The break-off flange 2″ to 6″ from the surface.


    1:24 Feed Extension
    1962_1-24_v2_sectionThere are always exceptions. The 18″ to 28″ center of nozzle above the ground is relative to where the fireman is standing in a perfect world. I have seen hydrants mounted where the feed pipe is much longer where the hydrant is on a slope. To allow the modeler to use the model in such locations (and IMO they add to the scene) I made the feed pipe below the break-off flange match Evergreen #225 5/32″/4,0mm tubing. The I.D. is .100″/2,5mm allowing a length of Evergreen #223 tubing to be used as an alignment pin.


    Cleaning the prints
    FUD and FXD (Frosted Ultra Detail and Frosted Extreme Detail) prints from Shapeways will often need cleaning having an oily sheen from the printing. I have gathered what information I could about the various ways to do this : Cleaning Frosted Detail Plastics


    Using the correct adhesive is important. Bits and pieces falling off can be frustating to say the least. Gluing Frosted Detail plastics
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