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    A little History
    The following was taken from http://www.collectorsweekly.com : Prior to our disposable metal, paper and plastic oil containers you would purchase oil at a gas station either pumped from a drum or in glass quart bottles which sat in special racks.

    completeThe bottles where mostly displayed in wire racks such as seen to the left. There WERE examples of solid racks made from wood and sheet-metal. It might be possible to make an acceptable wire rack using Photo-etching.


    Some Examples
    blackandwhiteknitting10Great photo. This young woman is the attendant and is knitting while waiting for customers. The wire rack to her left is a nice display rack. It *might* be possible to make one from wire in HO .. if someone was really careful, skilled and totally nuts. (I may try it).
    redrackHere we have sheet metal cases with wire rack inserts. This also provides a really good look at the bottles (glass) and the nozzles – zinc I believe.
    enarcoThen we have this all-sheet-metal rack (as far as I can tell at least). This is the one I used to pattern my model of an oil rack on.
    ver1From that last all-sheet-metal rack I cam up with this model. The main difference is simply that there is a minimum wall thickness for FUD of 0.3mm .. so the model was adjusted to take that into account.
    The model in HO
    SWRenderMy version of the oil bottles and racks in HO. There are bottles and 8 racks (8 bottles per rack) and 64 bottles
    Ken Anderson posted the following on his build of the HO oil bottles and case:
    I cleaned the parts in there sprues using dish washing liquid , let them dry, then primed using a rattle can. I wanted the oil bottle stand to appear like aged galvanized metal, so I used a simple technique by using the base primer, then dry brushed testors sliver in a random pattern….then lightly dry brushed a white paint where no sliver is. The grey base paint is still revealed, here’s a link I tried which appeared to work
    I finished off the stand by applying decals proved by Edward Traxler ….set the decals with Microset which finished it perfectly!
    The bottles were easy, I applied a diluted raw umber to the exterior for oil look….then painted the top silver. I then glued each bottle in the stand using Testors window glazing to hold bottles in place. I then topped off the project by spray painting everything with Testors dullcote.
    The model in O
    SWRenderMy version of the oil bottles and racks in O. There are various combinations of racks, bottles and both bottles and racks
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