Center Joiners

Evergreen Tubing

These connect Evergreen tubing in-line. There are square, rectangular and round tubing in sizes that gives us a total of 20 different tubes.

There are – as shown to the left – Three Rectangular, Five Square and Twelve Round tubing. The column labeled “Part No.” is the Evergreen tubing #. To simplify a bit I assigned a Code to each of these tubing sizes (column labeled ‘Code’). I skipped the I and O as they could be mistaken for a 1 or 0. I forget why I skipped U.

Creating every possible combination of Center Joiners therefore requires 20 total.

These Center Joiners I am listing are “Old Stock” from Rusty Stumps and the listing is being updated as quick as I can do so. If there is a demand for others after the current stock is depleted that will be addressed case by case.

I have created Product pages for each type of tubing which you can get to by clicking the link below: