Evergreen Tubing

These elbows adapt different sizes and type of Evergreen tubing. There are square, rectangular and round tubing in sizes that gives us a total of 20 different tubes. This means that at minimum we need 20 each 90°, 45° elbows. Additional elbows of 30° and 15° may also be created. We can add additional reducing elbows to connect different size tubing so there are endless possibilities .. which means we need to use come constraint.

There are – as shown to the left – Three Rectangular, Five Square and Twelve Round tubing. The column labeled “Part No.” is the Evergreen tubing #. To simplify a bit I assigned a Code to each of these tubing sizes (column labeled ‘Code’). I skipped the I and O as they could be mistaken for a 1 or 0. I forget why I skipped U.


The Elbows I am listing are “Old Stock” from Rusty Stumps and the listing is being updated as quick as I can do so. If there is a demand for certain Elbows after the current stock is depleted that will be addressed case by case.

I have created Product pages for each type of Elbow which you can get to by clicking the link below. If there is no hyperlink it simply means I haven’t got to that part yet.

Setting up this page I ran into some issues. Elbows with the same tubing on both ends only require the user to select that specific tube … EXCEPT for Rectangular tubing as one tube can be turned 90°. Since this indicated to me that splitting the Rectangular elbows off into it’s own product page it made sense to do the same for Square and Round elbows. To further simplify things splitting off Reducing Elbows for each of the Square, Rectangular and Round elbows seemed to make sense also. Finally splitting off Converter Elbows .. Square to Rectangular, Square to Round, Round to Rectangular would complete the choices and hopefully simplify things.

    • Same size tubing on both ends of the elbow …
    • Different size tubing on the ends of the elbows
    • Converter Elbows
      • Square Tube to Rectangular Tube Elbows
      • Square Tube to Round Tube Elbows
      • Rectangular Tube to Round Tube Elbows