Exhaust Ports

Evergreen Tubing Exhaust Ports

These fit different sizes and type of Evergreen tubing. There are square, rectangular and round tubing in sizes that gives us a total of 20 different tubes. The Rectangular Tubes can be positioned with either the long or short sides of the rectangle down which then gives 23 versions at minimum.

There are – as shown to the left – Three Rectangular, Five Square and Twelve Round tubing. The column labeled “Part No.” is the Evergreen tubing #. To simplify a bit I assigned a Code to each of these tubing sizes (column labeled ‘Code’). I skipped the I and O as they could be mistaken for a 1 or 0. I forget why I skipped U.

I started with a simple design similar to the twisty one on the right and the one on the bottom. The curved versions will follow as I get time.

Exhaust Ports

The Exhaust Ports I am listing are “Old Stock” from Rusty Stumps and the listing is being updated as quick as I can do so. If there is a demand for certain ones after the current stock is depleted that will be addressed case by case.

I have created/may create Product pages for each type of Tee which you can get to by clicking the links