Just Because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD!

Long, long ago back in the days that the sun always would be shining and walking some place was always downhill … I had some O scale beer/soda bottles printed at Shapeways. This was in the Haycyon Days when having something printed at Shapeways did not require taking out a bank loan.

Recently Larry Knapp asked me if I still had these for sale. My quick answer was that while you could probably still have Shapeways print them they are darn expensive ($7.50 for 24 bottles for example)

So .. I printed off some .. tried for 100 .. perhaps 90 printed. What a pain. I spent an hour at least before I got the small amount I ended up with .. which is .. a bunch of little bottles with a little ‘tail’ from the supports … and it came to me that this is NOT the way to go with this. The bottles need to be on a small sprue that would allow you to paint them before cutting them off said sprue.

So many things to do .. so little time.

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