MMR (Mild Morning Rant)

An MMR (my definition) is not REALLY a rant as such but as the title indicates more of an .. call it .. irritated observation.

I am a creator of miniatures for hobbies .. Model Railroading, Military etc. .. using CAD to make 3D models. Doing that .. I sometimes have to examine said model very, very closely. Now .. one would think that the answer to that is simple .. using a magnifying glass or an OptiVISOR and yes ..I have both. The problem with the magnifying glass is that while it works fine for close examination of the model I am constrained since I have to hold in my hand. Oh .. says the gentle reader .. use the OptiVISOR then .. that completely frees the hands. My answer is .. yes . .it does .. but I don’t WANT to use it .. it is bulky and gets in my way.

My preferred tool is what is called an Monocle Loup .. evidently considered “Old Style” .. it is held in the eye socket like .. well .. a monocle.

I have some. They work GREAT .. almost ..

I simply CAN NOT lock one in my eye socket. I *think* they are simply too big diameter.

So what’s the “Rant” part of this MMR?

For all the magic and wonder of the internet and Google and it’s little Commie brother Bing ..  I simply can not find the information I want which is .. can you purchase a monocle loup by the dia of the part that fits the eye socket? I know that sometimes the “trick” with a search engine is to put in the correct terms .. but there are times I am stumped.

Well .. perhaps not stumped .. but paused like an old cassette recorder ..

Did find where they are also called “Eye Cup Loupe”

… time to explore THOSE three words .. but more coffee needed

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