Not So Fast “Hot Rod”

I’ve started to put some of my test prints up for sale and was happily doing so with O scale transformers when I broke the mounting bracket off of one. I sat for a second ‘observing’ and did some checking .. and I had the walls too thin. This was designed a good while ago and I had less experience with what works and what doesn’t. In this case the walls were about 0.35 m .. much too thin. Darn.

You can see the ‘bracket’ .. the idea is that the 0.51 mm hole (~0.20″) takes a small piece of 0.020″ wire long enough that it sticks out a bit .. enough that you can drill a matching hole in your telephone/power pole to mount the transformer (matching ‘bracket’ at the bottom).

While I was checking this out .. I realized that the walls of the model were also too thin at around 0.4 mm .. again by excuse is that this was earlier in my design ‘life’.

This means the ten (10) varying O scale transformers I was ready to put up in the store will instead either go in the trash or a junk pile on the layout.

The “new and improved” Version … Ver3 now has 0.7 mm walls both for the canister and the hole passing through the ‘bracket’ which is larger of course.

If you note that strange look of the transformer .. that is because it is a c.1920 transformer .. ribbed sides for cooling, bolted lid, filler plug up on top center and a drain plug near the base.

There’s the old saying .. “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” .. it seems to be applicable for 3D printing too.

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