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O scale (1:48) c.1930 Hydrant

Test Print 1

I modified the design for these hydrants that I originally created to print at Shapeways by removing the hollow interior. With that done I brought the STL file into CHITUBOX to add the supports. There I went with light supports .. possibly (probably) a mistake.

I exported the supported STL from CHITUBOX and then opened it up in PrusaSlicer 2.2.0. I made 10 copies at which point Prusa Slicer refused to add any more to the build plate.

I tried to get smarter than the slicer and manually arranged extra pieces. This was a major fail along the outside edge. They printed partially and/or greatly deformed like candles melting. I suppose the PrusaSlicer knew what it was doing
Then, these all failed by coming off of the supports. That most likely/probably is using too light supports.


Here’s what I ended up with. The part that shows .. sticks out of the ground came out fine.


Two things …

  • First .. accept the way that the slicer wants to arrange the parts
  • Second .. make the supports larger. I went to CHITUBOX for placement of the supports with the idea that it does a better job than PrusaSlicer. Well .. it makes MORE supports and you have greater control of the position and placement. PrusaSlicer wants to use less but larger supports. I can’t go with AutoSupports as it is determined to put a support on every bolt head. So the next step is to run AutoSupports .. look at where the slicer wants to place them and then add supports manually in approximately the same location while avoiding the bolt heads.
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