I thought it would be fun to share a bit of how I create models. I could just make stuff up .. but I enjoy .. call it ‘research’. I can get dimensions to play with.

Truck Side Plates

I used the Truck Side Plates to dimension the sideview drawing. The front left outside Truck Side Plate is 3′ 4″ in length and the rear left side Truck Side Plate is 3′ 8″ in length. In the drawing I highlighted these in blue. In Sketchup therefore it is easy to scale the drawing. With this done I can then scale other parts. Easy Peasy.

Dust Guard

The Dust Guard contains the (A) Drive Spur Pinyon, (B) Dust Guard, (C) Drive Spur Gear and (D) Track Sprocket is a starting point in re-creating the transmission.

The (D) Track Sprocket are centered on the track so that sets their position – center of track to center of track.

Drive Spur Pinyon/Gear Centers

With the side view in Sketchup it was simple enough to find the centers for the Drive Spur Pinyon and Drive Spur Gear.

Hand Hole Cover

We can see just a bit of the top of the transmission in side view – colored blue here. The measurement of the outside of the hinge tabs molded on the top of the case measure 6-1/2″.

In the drawing we are looking at the hinge side. The mushroom looking items are vents. The dimensions are at best approximations. The model is after all thought of as a mimicry .. a copy so just some general sizes is fine.

Transmission Castings

An overhead view of the transmission and cover allows me to get some general dimensions. This is not in any way meant to be exact but just a guide. I used the 6-1/2″ width over the outside of the hinge tabs to scale the photo in Sketchup. With this done I could get dimensions on the other parts.

Hand Hatch Cover

… and again .. using dimensions from the side view I can get more ‘general’ dimensions for the hatch cover.

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