The Mimesis 40 Tractor


My original intention was to backdate the Tamiya Komatsu G40 Bulldozer to look like a generic copy of the Caterpillar 45 Tractor.

The Tamiya Komatsu G40 is on top .. with the lube chart for the Caterpillar 45 tractor on the bottom.

Since the Japanese copied the Best 30, my copying the Caterpillar 45 by backdating the Komatsu G40 .. makes me happy.

This seemed like a good idea at first – but it basically means tossing out everything from the kit except for the track. That seems like a lot of waste for a kit of parts.

In any case I will continue this .. waste or not

Remove Blade

The Caterpillar 45 Tractor does not have a blade so the first thing would be to remove that from the model. Here, I have colored that bit in red.

Since the idea is to backdate the model this means simply not using those parts. It would require filling in any holes but that would be fairly simple to do.

Blade Removed

Via the “magic” of Paint Shop Pro we now have a Komatsu G40 “Tractor”.

In “Real Life” any attachment points on the model left from not using the blade will have to be filled (as I mentioned earlier) but .. hey .. that’s part of the process.

Move Seat

The position of the seat to the rear of the Caterpillar 45 Tractor is interesting. I suppose that using the vehicle as a Tractor was part of the reason – the driver would also be operating things being towed such as plows and harrows.

In any case, this is a major visual that simply jumps out and needs to be addressed. The controls of course would also be moved.

Seat Moved

Obviously it is more difficult doing this on a model then moving bits around in a drawing problem. Just how the frame will be created that the seat etc. attached to will need addressing .. but for now .. lets just make pretty pictures.

Remove Superstructure

I was going to say “Remove Hood” .. but there is the front griller and other bits and pieces so I suppose calling all that a Superstructure is more apt. This exposes the radiator and engine, frame and other bits and pieces.

Superstructure Removed

Ok. With all of that done we have something that looks much like the Caterpillar 45 Tractor. I’m calling this the Mimesis 40 Tractor.


representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature.
“Barth has always detached his use of plot from mimesis”
another term for mimicry.

New Parts