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3D Printed Figure - A Dilemma ... of sorts (Part 2)

I created Daniel in MakeHuman. Since I want him on a ladder I chose a pose with his feet together .. more or less and arms at his sides. I put him in overalls and a bowler hat. The exported figure contains multiple shells but I will address that later. Under Modeling you adjust various sliders for Gender, Age, Muscle, Weight, Height, Proportions and Ethnicity. Honestly, I only just now noticed that Gender, Age, Muscle, Weight and Height are shown in the lower left. Daniel is a Male, 90 years old, 0% Muscle, Weight 107.1 and Height 172.04 cm. The height is 76.73 inches. I'm going to note that as I export the file in various formats.

  • decimeter: 17.691 mm

  • meter: 1.7692 mm

  • inch: 69.652 mm

  • centimeter: 176.91 mm

The numbers are weird. That 176.91 is cm .. MeshMixer says it is mm. Shrug. 1769.1 mm converts to 69.65 inches .. again ... MeshMixer shows this as mm .. but that number is inches according to MakeHuman. In the end this matters little since I can scale the figure in MeshMixer as needed. A figure standing 69.65 inches would be, in O scale, 1:48, 1.451 inches or 36.87 mm.

The only reason I am talking about this is that I want to add elements .. a board, a hammer etc. to the scene .. the figure holding a board or swinging a hammer .. where I need to scale said board or hammer to the same scale as the figure. I can then bring the scaled board for example into Blender along with the figure exported from MakeHuman and position them body and limbs to hold that board .. or hammer.

Real World Example: I have a piece of stripwood that measures 0.200 inches wide x 0.018 inches thick. In 1:48 scale this would be a board measuring 9.6 inches x 0.865 inches. If I export the figure from MakeHuman in inches .. which MeshMixer sees as mm .. then I should be able to make a board 9.6 mm x 0.865 mm which SHOULD scale to the exported figure. The only way to know for sure is to .. well .. do it. Which I did and it appears everything is copasetic.

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