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Englenook Yard

I decided that I wanted a small yard that would server as a 'Timesaver' or switching layout. I was restricted by the layout - 'as is'. My layout is a very simple L-shape in a corner of my bedroom formed by using my two 48" On30 modules for the long leg and adding the 69" short leg. The addition wraps around the end of the left hand module so the long leg ends up 118.5". The right hand module originally had a coke oven bank as it's "focus" which was fine as part of an On30 modular layout. It looked great .. but .. out it went .. which gave me room for the yard. Not much mind you but 'well enough'.

The current plan does not reflect correctly the current state of the layout. Track is missing in the plan that is on the left module and extension and little of the yard is there in "real life".

My guide to the Englenook .. Inglenook 'shunting puzzle' / 'switching layout' is "Inglenook Sidings". From this page we have this ...

To be an Inglenook Sidings puzzle, the length of the three sidings as well the length of the single track leading up to the sidings (i.e. the escape track) need to conform to a simple set of rules:

- the longest siding holds 5 cars;

- the two shorter sidings hold 3 cars each;

- the escape track allows for the engine plus 3 cars.

When operating, a total of 8 cars plus one engine will be used.

The operational rules stipulate that a departing train needs to be formed that consists of 5 out of the 8 cars sitting in the sidings.

The 5 cars are selected at random, and the train must be made up of the 5 wagons in the order in which they are selected.

The challenge of fulfilling this switching order is linked to the fact that some advance thinking is required - due to the fact that there is limited space available to juggle around the rolling stock, as determined by the lengths of the individual sidings and the escape track. Check out this video to watch the operation - The Inglenook Shunting Puzzle - On The Modular Model Railway

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