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Lightburn ... how may computers can it be installed on?

I purchased Lightburn when I got my Omtech Polar 350 laser. I currently have two copies running .. one on my desktop (which is not connected to the laser) and one on my laptop which is the "control computer" for the laser.

I have had an occasional problem using LIghtburn where the program locks up after running a job and I got a "not responding". I have to close the program and re-open it ... often also having to shut my laser down and restart that too. A pain .. not a MAJOR problem but still annoying. Some have suggested that this could be with too little RAM. My laptop has 4GB RAM but suggestions are that 8GB RAM would be the minimum required. I had purchased the laptop for about $200 (with tax) for the sole purpose of running the laser .. that 4GB of RAM not being enough did not even occur to me.

The other day I used "Wells Fargo Rewards" to get a new laptop, an ASUS Zenbook with Intel evo i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. If my problem with LIghtburn is the RAM then this would fix that. In any case the older laptop could then be used as my travel computer.

I can use Lightburn on three computers at once and a license can be moved to a different computer. The license system in Lightburn keeps track of which computer you have the key installed on. You just need to deactivate the old computer first after which you can install the license on a new computer. Cool.

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