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Naming Roads

Small turbine power house
Deep River Power House

I was playing around with an older model of a loading dock for my Power House.

I kept finding myself irritated at the different heights of the loading dock and wood walk.

I separated the dock from the rest of the building .. finding that as this was part of a single build that I needed an X-Acto knife to separate them.

I did that with the realization that I needed to do was make a ramp. Problem solved. I even got a suggestion of ground settling. That makes perfect sense (for a model) and will be part of the 'history' of the structure.

You may well ask ... "Ok. blah blah ... roads??"

To which I will/would/could answer .. just gimmie a sec to set it up. I played with some texturing, paint, stains etc. to kick the loading dock up a notch or two. I looked at the thing trying to come up with anything else I could do. Understand ... if you consider this as much a model as building an AMT 1929 Model T Hot Rod ... then you can do a ton of things to make it ... 'more real'.

What caught my eye was the blank expanse of the end of the dock with the steps. To me that begs something. What's came to mind was/is -

  • Street Number

  • Street Name

  • SLOW

With that in mind I whipped up a Sketchup model.

2107 (7th building past the 21st block start)

Power Rd.


That might be .. just enough .. and the yellow adds a bit of color.

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