1:24 Beer Bottles & Crates





The bottles are based on European Long Neck 330ml bottles as I found full dimensions online. The dimensions are very close to a Michelob Amberbock I pulled from the refrigerator.

I created one set of 12 bottles on a rectangular plate that can be painted and then inserted into the open bottom of a crate. I have a second set of single bottles and a closed bottom crate. This gives the modeler a choice in how to use these bottles and crates.

Open crate and bottle insert

The photo to the left shows the open bottom crate with the opening up for the photo. The bottle insert is the the right. I painted these with Rust-Oleum Gloss kona – part of the American accents line. The paint is advertised as “2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer” .. but works as long as you are careful to spray light coats from a distance.

Here I have the bottle inserted through the bottom of the open crate.

Note that I did not bother painting the bottle caps. The Michelob Amberbock I used as an example has bottle caps the same dark brown as the bottle.

The interesting .. or .. challenging thing would be how to replicate the neck and bottle labels.


Open Bottom Crates .. a closer look

Normal Crate and Single Bottles

These crates are closed and can be displayed as just a crate .. with or without bottles and even bottles by themselves.

For these bottles I used a product purchased from Hobby Lobby … Alcohol INK – Tangerine – 34 (20 drops) and Alcohol INK – Indian Blue (1 drop) .. two coats applied. I rather like it. One coat would work too .. it just makes for a lighter amber color you see on some beers.

Note: I left the bottles on the supports from printing for painting. If they come off the supports then double sided tape also will work.

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Open Bottom Crate, Normal Crate, No Crate


12 Bottle Insert, 12 Single Bottles, No bottles


1ea or set, 2ea or set


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