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These are parts for a 1:24 Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer. Dry bulk transportation is the transportation process of dry materials. Most frequently tin large quantities in aluminum or steel trailers which are made with a single compartment that serves for loading into and unloading. Materials such as Industrial alcohol, dry and liquid chemicals, plastic pellets, Cement, ash, sand, lime, sugar, grains, flour, starch and others.

I used the diagrams to the left and photos of a Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer to create models that approximate the full-size pieces that make up this rig.

I freely admit I know nothing about Dry Bulk Semi-Trailers other then the sources above.

I posted much more detailed information on the development of these models on my website titled 1:24 Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer Parts. I will also have a video up in the next day or so to act as ‘Kit Directions’.

Kit Parts – V1

I am naming this V1 because it never fails but people will watch me post up on a project step by step and not say a thing until I start printing parts and then and only then will they point out ways it could have been improved. I have not clue why but this happens almost every single time.

Parts Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer – V1. These are parts to build up to a four hopper trailer.

  • 4 Hopper Tees – one for each hopper
  • 2 No.228 22.5° elbows & 2 No.228 45° elbows- to allow bends in the Product Line
  • No.228 Flange – to cap off the end of the Product Line
  • 1 Elbow & Flange – forward end of the Product Line
  • 4 No.225 Aeration Valves – one each for each hopper
  • 4 No.225 45° elbows & 4 No.225 90° elbows – – to allow bends in the hot Line
  • 1 No.225 Flange – to cap off the end of the Hot Line

Kit Image

Bagged and tagged.

The paper inside has the URL to an article on the models and on page 5 photos of each item as linked on the top of this page.



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