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1:24 Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer Parts


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These are parts for a 1:24 Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer. Dry bulk transportation is the transportation process of dry materials. Most frequently tin large quantities in aluminum or steel trailers which are made with a single compartment that serves for loading into and unloading. Materials such as Industrial alcohol, dry and liquid chemicals, plastic pellets, Cement, ash, sand, lime, sugar, grains, flour, starch and others.

I used the diagrams to the left and photos of a Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer to create models that approximate the full-size pieces that make up this rig.

I freely admit I know nothing about Dry Bulk Semi-Trailers other then the sources above.

I posted much more detailed information on the development of these models on my website titled 1:24 Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer Parts. I will also have a video up in the next day or so to act as ‘Kit Directions’.

Kit Parts – V2

I added the manholes for V2.

Parts Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer – V2. These are parts to build up to a four hopper trailer.

  • 4 Manholes (new)
  • 4 Hopper Tees – one for each hopper
  • 2 No.228 22.5° elbows & 2 No.228 45° elbows- to allow bends in the Product Line
  • No.228 Flange – to cap off the end of the Product Line
  • 1 Elbow & Flange – forward end of the Product Line
  • 4 No.225 Aeration Valves – one each for each hopper
  • 4 No.225 45° elbows & 4 No.225 90° elbows – – to allow bends in the hot Line
  • 1 No.225 Flange – to cap off the end of the Hot Line

Here is an example of using the kit parts. I show using two hoppers and aeration valves, the flanges for #225 and #228 Evergreen tubing, some elbows and the elbow and flange unit .. all of these in blue. Evergreen tubing in white and in green scratchbuilt items .. the large brackets could be made from .025″ aluminum, the hoses and the and handles on the aeration valves and the handles for the hopper tees made from soft wire.

Kit Image

Bagged and tagged.

The paper inside has the URL to an article on the models and on page 5 photos of each item as linked on the top of this page.


1 review for 1:24 Dry Bulk Semi-Trailer Parts

  1. Shannon Tony Franklin (verified owner)

    An absolutely brilliant Dry Bulk plumbing kit! I’m still currently working on my Pnuematic Dry Bulk tanker, and I will post pics of it when completed. This kit is so nice to work with and parts fit like a glove. Thanks again and GOD Bless !!!

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