1:48 – 6″ Gate Valve – Ver 4C


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I put these into either 4 or 5 ea packs consisting of just the valve itself .. no stem or handwheel. I also supply a “Kit” consisting of a Gate Valve, Valve stem and Handwheel using Version No. 5 of the Gate Valve. Stay Tuned.

This is a 1:48 scale Gate Valve which has been designed to work with my other pipe fittings that connect to Evergreen #224 tubing. This tubing has an Outside Diameter (O.D.) of 0.125″/3,2mm and an Inside Diameter (I.D.) of 0.069″/1,8mm. There are small pins on the valves that fit the ID of the #224 tubing. The measure 1.752 mm OD .. just slightly smaller than the 1,8 mm nominal ID of the tube.

I need to make a point here .. that ID is ‘Nominal’ .. meaning that is the ‘target’ ID. I guess that the tubing is manufactured in a way similar to the way noodles are made where the dough is forced through a die. What does this mean? The hole may be slightly undersized in which case you need to ream out to fit the little pins on the valve .. trying to force them will result in breaking said pins off. Most of us don’t have a 1.8 mm drill bit on hand but a #49 bit is only slightly larger and you may have one of those. If you don’t have the appropriate size drill bit to ream with simply sun an emery board around the pin .. the tubing ID won’t be THAT far off after all.

I show this as 1:48 but it is usable in other scales. Nominal pipe size (NPS) is not generally the pipe O.D. For NPS ⅛” to 12″, the NPS and OD values are different. For example, the OD of an NPS 12″ pipe is actually 12.75 inches. For NPS 14″ and up, the NPS and OD values are equal. In other words, an NPS 14″ pipe is actually 14 inches OD. To a large extent such variations in size can be ignored by we modelers as the slight difference at the scale we model is scarcely noticeable.

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I created a chart to help make using the Gate valve easier. It shows that if you are modeling in 1:48 scale, the 0.125″ O.D. of the tubing would be 6″ (the 6 is just under the scale). Look down the column and this is in the 5″ to 6″ (nominal) pipe O.D. – actual being 5.563″ and 6.625″ (again, this is for modeling in 1:48). All the way down at the bottom of the column and you see that for this size pipe the flange has 8 bolts. The these Gate Valves have 8 bolt flanges – as this is the scale I model in. Look again at the very bottom where it shows “No. Flange bolts” and you can see that for 1:43 this is in the 4.5″/5″ NPS range and for 1:64 the 7″/8″ NPS range.

The valve by itself is nice to look at but it needs a few things more .. specifically .. a valve stem and operating handle.

Valve Stem: The hole for the pin that will be our valve stem is 0.66 mm/0.026″ – which was chosen to allow use of a common pin such as Dritz® “Extra-Long Color Ball Pins” which measure right a .022″ dia. – BUT .. because of shrinkage of the print the hole ends up around 0.019″. If you can find a pin/wire smaller than that then you are good to go.

Handwheel: Like with the valve stem a handwheel needs to fit the pin/wire you choose. I DO have both a 12″ and 15″ dia handwheel available.

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