1:48 Ore Chute – Flat Car Load, Scrap, Details, Scenic items


while developing my 1:48 Ore Bin Chute I printed a fair number of test pieces. While these look fine there were various issues during this process such as the slot for the door too narrow, holes for the shafting too small, areas that needed beefing up. These are all things that is simply part of developing a model. These ‘seconds’ then look fine but are not useable as is without additional work .. but can be just fine for a flatcar load, for junk in the weeds … any sort of detail like this.

This is just the chute. The doors and gears and handwheel are not included. Go here For a complete Ore Bin Kit

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Went looking for a chute design .. found this one on Google Books .. this gave me at least a general idea

I used this as a basis for my own ratchet mechanism .. modified a lot.


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