~ O scale Cast Iron Washers/Spools – stringer separators


These are ‘nominally’ O scale to represent Cast Iron spools to separate bridge stringers. Since the spools vary greatly in size and design they can be used in other scales also.

This version has 104 spools which I created “on the fly” for Shawn Branstetter. Since this is ready, has printed successfully and has been given the “thumbs up” by Shawn I am going to offer to the public.

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Stringers. Packing-Blocks and Friends

The following is from A treatise on wooden trestle bridges By Wolcott Cronk Foster

“Stringers.—A stringer should be placed immediately beneath each rail, and in order to guard against defective timber it ought to be “split” or composed of two or more pieces.

“These pieces should be separated from each other by either cast-iron washers or spools, or wooden packing-blocks, or both. A considerable difference exists in the present practice as to the amount of separation. It varies all the way from nothing to 13 in. From 1-1/2 in. to 2 in. is a very good distance.”

MM Version 2

The spools vary widely as can be seen in the drawing above. Starting with No. 71 I ended up with this design. It has a 2.224 mm diameter (in O scale this is 4.2″) with a height of 1.587 mm (in O scale this is 3″) with a shaft-hole 0.66 mm/0.026″ – which allows us to use a Quilting Pin for the shafting (in O scale this is 1-1/4″).


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