Double-Deck Bitt




Bitts are a pair of posts which can be on a dock or on the deck of a ship for fastening mooring lines or cables. These bitts can be used in multiple scales as the shape remains the same whether it is small enough to hold in your lap or large enough to secure an ocean liner.

I have four sizes – 2,94 mm/0.116″ | 5,87 mm/0.231″ | 10,8 mm/0.325″ | 19,6 mm/0.772″ .. the size you choose depends on the size Bitt you are trying to model. To the left is a chart I made for the three largest sized Bitts to illustrate this.

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2,94, 5,87, 10,8, 19,6


4, 8, 16, 128, 256


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