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Used with a Foss Scale Models “Tiny Lou’s Grill”

I created these by pulling a beer from the refrigerator .. was a craft beer and using that bottle as a guide. At this size they can be a bottle of beer or soda .. good luck on the labels. Believe it or not someone actually ‘printed labels (a small dab of color I think).

These are VERY limited stock – I had these printed at Shapeways .. way .. “Back When” before they got so whinny. I had lots of success having them printed when all of a sudden .. “They are too difficult to print“. My guess is they are “Too finicky to handle and too many break off and .. waaaahhhhhh!“.

Tony Burgess asked me if I could do Beer/Soda bottles in HO scale. My feeling was .. yes .. just not sure how well they will print as these would be SMALL!! I went ahead and gave it the “old college try” .. as it were and this is the result. I only offer them in FXD .. again .. these are so small that I think FUD would be a problem.

.. and .. Ta Da! The Featured Image at the top of the page are them .. with a penny! Success!

Note: You can see loose bottles and others fallen over in the photo – this was Ver 1. The little sprues that I used to connect to the bottom of the bottles were just a bit small. I increased the size of the sprue from .4mm dia to .6mm dia. We can’t have all this disorganized falling about after all!

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