HO Pole Transformer

Electric Power Distribution System:

Residential secondary systems are predominantly single-phase, but commercial and industrial systems generally use three-phase power. The link above takes you through a SIMPLE look at this. You have decide .. “am I supplying power to a residential home, a commercial business or to an industry”. That should be easy for anyone. I mean .. I have no problem telling the difference between my house and a textile mill.

Single-Phase: Once that decision is made then if the transformer is supplying power to single-phase residential then you go to the article on Single-Phase transformers.

Three-Phase: If the power that is being supplied is Three-Phase then you go to the article on Three-Phase transformers.

This will tell you what bushings to use, what insulators are required. There are multiple ways to do this with one primary wire (single-phase) or .. three or four primary wires which can supply both single-phase and three-phase depending on how it is wired. In other words .. a single primary high-voltage wire will supply electricity to a single-phase user (residential usually). A three or four wire primary high-voltage setup can supply power to a residential user using a single-phase wired transformer or supply three-phase power to commercial or industrial depending on the size of the transformer.

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This is a general-propose ‘can’ pole transformer. The design is ubiquitous with a pair of Primary bushings on top, secondary terminals, case ground and drain plug.

Depending on how the transformer is wired internally connections can vary. I have a series of articles on my blog .. somewhat dated but little if anything has changed. Transformers – covers the Electric Power Distribution System with other articles on what all the parts are on a transformer and wiring Three-Phase and Single-Phase transformers. Should be plenty of information to ‘wire’ transformers on a model railroad layout.

These are currently “Forthcomi9ng” as I need a successful test printing, assembly before offering for sale.

Note: The Oil Filler Plug on top and the Oil Drain Plug backdate the transformer, modern transformers don’t have these because of environmental concerns. They can be easily removed with a flick of an X-Acto knife to make them a modern design.


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