Mooring cleats are mounted on docks and boats and are used to secure a boat by wrapping a line around the cleat several times, often in a figure 8 pattern. Cleats are often used in conjunction with chocks in tethering a boat.

Generally, manufacturers recommend just slightly under one inch of cleat for every 1/16-inch of line diameter , which means you need a six-inch cleat for 3/8-inch line, an eight-inch cleat for 1/2-inch line, and a 10-inch cleat for 5/8-inch line.

Full dimensions are on my website – Mooring Cleats

Fig 3 shows different sized cleats and what they would measure in various scales
Fig 4 shows dimensions of all of the cleats in mm, with the chart referring back to Fig. 1

At the bottom of the page are links to all of the current cleats on Shapeways.

Dimensions 3.5 mm Mooring Cleat

Use the chart below to find what size this cleat represents in various scales1

  1. Click chart for larger image []

Additional information

Width across horns

3.5 mm/0.138"




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