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Mooring cleats are mounted on docks and boats and are used to secure a boat by wrapping a line around the cleat several times, often in a figure 8 pattern. Cleats are often used in conjunction with chocks in tethering a boat.

Generally, manufacturers recommend just slightly under one inch of cleat for every 1/16-inch of line diameter , which means you need a six-inch cleat for 3/8-inch line, an eight-inch cleat for 1/2-inch line, and a 10-inch cleat for 5/8-inch line.

Full dimensions are on my website – Mooring Cleats

Dimensions Mooring Cleats

The dimensions shown here are for cleats measuring 3.5 mm to 15 mm ‘across the horns – Column ‘A’

Dimensions by Horn Width

At the top of the page under options, selecting ‘Width across horns’ and ‘Qty’ will bring up a chart showing the dimensions in various scales for each size cleat

Dimensions by Scale

These charts show dimensions for all the cleats in each scale






Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Width across horns

6 mm/0.236", 9 mm/0.354", 12 mm/0.472", 15 mm/0.59"


10, 20


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