O scale (1:48) bottles – Beer, Soda – 12 ea


1:48 scale beer/soda bottles. These are printed twelve to a sprue so they can be handled and painted

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Out of stock

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I created these by pulling a beer from the refrigerator .. was a craft beer and using that bottle as a guide. At this size they can be a bottle of beer or soda
I printed 12 ea of these on a 1mm x 1mm sprue with a very small sprue that attaches the bottles to the larger ‘handling’ sprue. In the photo to the left I have sprayed a group with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer .. lightly.
Of course I wanted to apply some paint but my Tamiya Orange was dried up and the brown not much better .. I did manage to scrub some color on but am placing an order for translucent color to make it “mo betta”.


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