O Scale (1:48) – Storm Drain System – Catch Basin & 3 Catch Basin Risers


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O Scale 1:48

The storm sewer is a system designed to carry rainfall runoff and other drainage. It is not designed to carry sewage or accept hazardous wastes. The runoff is carried in underground pipes or open ditches and discharges untreated into local streams, rivers and other surface water bodies. Storm drain inlets are typically found in curbs and low-lying outdoor areas. Some older buildings have basement floor drains that connect to the storm sewer system.

This is an O scale (1:48) model of one part of this system – the Catch Basin. This sits at the bottom with sewer pipes entering the bottom of the casing. You stack as many Risers as needed. On the very top a grating which is normally the only part you see in the road (not part of this set).

Thee four places for pipe to enter the base, all for 1/4″ tubing (24″ pipe). Two are fully open and two are knockouts

  • (SKU: INDR020) a 78 inch Catch Basin. (I also supply 36″ and 48″ catch basins
  • There are three Catch Basin Risers. Each Catch Basin Riser locks into either the Catch Basin or another Catch Basin Riser. You stack as many Risers as needed. – , and .
    • (SKU: INDR016) 12″ Riser
    • (SKU: INDR017) 24″ Riser
    • (SKU: INDR018) 36″ Riser


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