S Scale (1:64) Manhole Cover (Sewer) and Collar


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S Scale 1:64

When you see a manhole in a street you see the cover and the collar that it fits into. Remove the manhole cover and you see the collar and the open sewer hole. This is one collar (normally buried up to the top in the road) and the manhole cover. There are three versions currently with the cover labeled Water, Sewer and Storm on the top surface.

In the “real world” the top of the Manhole Ring is the only thing most people ever see as this is the collar around the manhole cover we see in a road. The Manhole Cover fits into the Manhole Ring, sitting on a interior ledge.
When printing on a MSLA printer (Masked Stereolithography Apparatus) the models are supported on scaffolding called supports. The slight texture where the supports touch the model (a few thousandths of a mm) can be left .. “as is” but I prefer to lightly sand that surface.I simply sit the cover and the collar on an emery board .. making sure that the writing is up on the covers and that the little recess for that cover on the collar is also facing up .. them push them back and forth across the emery board a few times with the pad of your finger. That is all that is needed. Clean up, prime, paint and install.

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