S Scale 22-3/4″ Manhole Cover and Collars (One Piece)



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Table 1

The size of manholes covers varies quite a bit. I did some research on this which you can read through at Manhole Covers. What it boils down to is that the larger the manhole the larger the manhole cover. The size of the manhole depends on a variety of things but seems to be a combination of the angle of sewer pipe and size of pipe entering the manhole. Note that for example in Table 1 to the left, a 48 in. diameter manhole has maximum pipe of 24 inches at 45 deflection and 18 inches at 90° deflection. This would be .. I think .. a trunk/branch sewer line .. one that the laterals from homes feed into. Further down these trunk lines will feed into larger main lines. The size of the lines, the manholes they feed into then are all part of the city engineers planning.

Further down my article I reference a city “Sewer System Design Standards” where it states that pipe dia of 8-12 ” has a 48 ” dia and a 24 ” manhole cover. A pipe ≥ 15 ” has a 60″ dia manhole with a 30″ manhole cover. From this I find that the manhole cover is 1/2 the inside diameter of the manhole itself. We can work back then from whatever size manhole cover we have to the manhole at twice the cover dia and look at the chart to figure the possible pipe sizes.

For a look at how Manhole Covers are made you can watch this YouTube video – How Its Made – 404 Manhole Covers

22-3/4″ Branch/Trunk line Manhole Cover and Collar

This will be the “Common” manhole cover you may see in your own street. Since we can only see the manhole cover and top of the collar (ring) these can be used either for a Sanitary or Storm systeml Obviously names like Sanitary and Sewer would be used for a Sanitary System. Water, Storm, Drain and City Name would be used for Storm Systems. Custom names can be created. There is a one time fee of $3.00 but the price would be that same as the other covers. resonably around 10 characters will be the maximum length.


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