S scale Fire Hydrant


The c.1920 and c.1930 fire hydrants were drawn from drawings and photographs of the period.


Modeling Scales

Please check the scales you model




I labeled these hydrants as c.1920, c.1930 and c.1962. This should be take with a grain of salt .. simply do a Image Search of Fire Hydrants and you will find every design possible or probable. My ‘dating’ is simply an attempt to inject a little classification. Feel free to ignore it if you wish.

I removed the supports (think “like sprues”) but suggest you clean up the hydrants before primer/paint .. just check. May be fine.


This was interesting because of the multitude of hose connections of different sizes.


This design can still be found although it is approaching 100 years old.


This is my version of the current 5 1/4″ American-Darling B-62-B-5. Introduced in 1962 (hence the model) it is still a current design.

Additional information


c.1920, c.1930, c.1962


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