O Scale (1:48) – Sanitary Sewer Manhole Parts




O Scale 1:48

The sanitary sewer is a system of underground pipes that carries sewage from bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, and other plumbing components to a wastewater treatment plant where it is filtered, treated and discharged. The storm sewer is a system designed to carry rainfall runoff and other drainage.

This is an O scale (1:48) model of a part of this system – the Manhole System – currently there are the following parts:

  • an Eccentric Cone at the very top and is the casting that the manhole cover and mounting ring sit on .. this is normally the only part you see in the road. The exception is when these are in a yard or field and the ground has eroded around them.
  • There is a Concentric Cone which I have not modeled yet.
  • Below the Eccentric Cone is a Riser. I have risers in 12″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ heights. The risers fit between the Eccentric Cone and the Base. Just how many and what heights depends on the vertical height.
  • Finally at the bottom is the Base/Barrel where the pipes run into. I have four versions to fit 15″, 18″, 24″ and 30″ Bell End Concrete Pipe.

The iron mounting ring and manhole covers for this can be found at – O Scale (1:48) 24″ Manhole Cover

I switched to printing these parts in resin so I could add holes for grab irons. The holes will take 22 AWG wire. I have made a jig to help bend the 18″ grab irons – 18″ Grab Iron Jig

Bell End Concrete Pipe Adapters

I was puzzled at first as to how to connect the Bell End pipe to the Sanitary Base. I found this drawing that answers this.

Circled in red and colored blue is what I call “Bell End Pipe Adapters“. They simply slide into the holes in the Base .. at least that is how I see what is happening in the drawing. I’m not really all that concerned about the exact name .. this is a model after all. If you DO know the proper term for these items you can comment. These are printed in PLA.

Bell End Concrete Pipe

I created 15″, 18″, 24″ and 30″ Bell End Concrete Pipe to go with all of the above. These are printed in PLA. – Bell End Concrete Pipe

18″ Grab Iron Jig

I created a jig to bend the wire to fit the hole spacing (18″ Full-Size) of the holes printed in the base (and other units) – 18″ Grab Iron Jig.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Base w/two 15" openings, Base w/two 18" openings, Base w/two 24" openings, Base w/two 30" openings, 12" riser, 24" riser, 36" riser, 48" riser, Eccentric Cone


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