Vetero Stain Stabilizer


If you wish to print your own stabilizer you can download the file from here as a STL file.

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Vetero Stains and Glass Bottles …

Vetero Solutions from Bollinger Edgerty Scale Trains comes in glass bottles. While happy the stain itself and admiring of the glass bottle I was concerned that sooner or later I would manage to knock the bottle over. I came up with this product that stabilizes the bottle so it will be much harder to knock over.

The stabilizers are printed in PLA which is not UV resistant and will be affected by sunlight over a “long period of time” (meaning a year if left outside). The solution is simply to use Primer/Paint to protect the PLA and has a relatively low melting point of between 170° and 180° C (338° to 356° F). I could suggest that if your PLA reaches those temperatures in the shop you have more problems that melting the plastic.

Printing in PETG would work even better as it is generally a stronger and more stable plastic.

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Weight 1.41 oz
Dimensions 3.625 × 3.5 × 1.125 in


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