1:48 Telephone/Telegraph Insulators – Ver 5

From O scale Telephone/Telegraph Pole Insulator Evolution : I made a fairly large connecting-sprue as shown. The 0.38mm/0.15″ hole passes completely through. This size hole would let the insulator sit on a 0.015″ wire pin. I like this because the pin would be near to the full-scale 1/2″ dimension. I am pretty sure I can get a 0.38mm/0.015″ hole printed – not so much a 0.25mm/0.010″ hole. The 1mm O.D. is enough to give us 0.31mm walls – which is a slight padding to the 0.3mm minimum wall thickness for FUD/FXD. The idea is that you take a X-Acto knife and slice the insulator off of the sprue at the base of the insulator. I suspect the knife needs to be sharp as a dull knife might collapse the pin hole.


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