1:160 Corrugated Sheet Die – Ver3

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Corrugated Sheet Metal: The corrugations are described in terms of pitch (the distance between two crests) and depth (the height from the top of a crest to the bottom of a trough). Pitches have ranged from 25 mm (1 inch) to 125 mm (5 inches). It was once common for CGI used for vertical walls to have a shorter pitch and depth than roofing CGI. This shorter pitched material was sometimes called “rippled” instead of “corrugated”. However nowadays, nearly all CGI produced has the same pitch of 3 inches (76 mm).
This is the Prototype for Ver 3 of the die. My earlier versions had a corrugation profile that matched the real thing .. and it didn’t work as I wanted. The aluminum foil springs back about 1/2 way leaving sheets with low corrugated profiles (actually this matches the ‘rippled’ sheets which were used on vertical walls). I doubled the vertical size of the corrugations for this version. That *should* allow proper forming of the aluminum foil. This being a test print there are dies for both the regular and double pitches.

Note: These dies are so small it is difficult to hold them while pressing the foil. This is my solution.


Safe Harbor Statement: These have been successfully printed and tested by a customer. He reported problems with using heavy duty aluminum foil but was happy using thinner/regular foil. The corrugations are so small you see ..

— Successfully printed —


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