1:35 Crates and Bottles

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Crates: I call these beer bottle crates but that can be soda bottles too .. actually anything about that size. I used a RJ Rockers ‘Bell Ringer’ beer for a model for the bottle – which is pretty much a generic beer bottle as far as I can tell. The 4×6 crates hold 24 bottles.
Bottles: Version 2. I re-arranged the bottles so they can be (if desired) dipped into paint to color them or brush painted .. then flipped around and sit on the sprue to dry.

Note on Materials: I am offering these in both FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) and FXD (Frosted EXtreme Detail). I strongly suggest you go with the FXD for a cleaner print.

Safe Harbor Statement: I have placed these parts in BETA. That means that either they have not been successfully printed yet – or I have not had anyone review the ones they had printed. A BETA is not just about printing success but about the design also. Until that time and have physically examined them I can not guarantee them. This means that during the BETA phase by ordering these parts you are essentially a BETA tester and are working with me to improve the product.

Crate holds 24 bottles. There are 28 bottles to give you 4 extra.
— Never Printed —

Crates holds 120 bottles. There are 140 bottles to give you 20 extra.
— Never Printed —

Crates holds 240 bottles. There are 280 bottles to give you 40 extra.
— Never Printed —

Crates holds 480 bottles. There are 560 bottles to give you 80 extra.
— Never Printed —


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