1:48 Fire Hydrant Model 1920 Ver2

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This is a generic Fire Hydrant odeled after those of the period – specifically .. M. Greenburg’s Sons – San Francisco, CAMorris Greenberg was the inventor of the “California” wet barrel fire hydrant.

Here’s the photo I used as a guide. It is described as from ‘about 1930’.

Safe Harbor Statement: I have placed these parts in BETA. That means that either they have not been successfully printed yet – or I have not had anyone review the ones they had printed. A BETA is not just about printing success but about the design also. Until that time and have physically examined them I can not guarantee them. This means that during the BETA phase by ordering these parts you are essentially a BETA tester and are working with me to improve the product.

Note on Materials: I am offering these in both FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) and FXD (Frosted EXtreme Detail). I strongly suggest you go with the FXD for a cleaner print.

Is no longer First To Try in Frosted Ultra Detail. Shapeways calculated a print success rate that is now greater than 80%.

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