1:48 Fire Hydrant Model 1930 Ver1

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To be honest this generic design for a fire hydrant hasn’t changed much if at all. My version is a generic version based upon the current 5 1/4″ American-Darling B-62-B-5 and photos of older 1930’ish hydrants. The changes I made were basically to move the hose connections around, change the dome and extend the base a bit.

Here’s the photo I used as a guide. It is described as from ‘about 1930’.

Safe Harbor Statement: I have placed these parts in BETA. That means that they have not been successfully printed yet. Until that time and have physically examined them I can not guarantee them. This means that during the BETA phase by ordering these parts you are essentially a BETA tester and are working with me to improve the product.

Note on Materials: I am offering these in both FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) and FXD (Frosted EXtreme Detail). I strongly suggest you go with the FXD for a cleaner print.

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  1. MicroTraxx at Mar 25, 2016 01:54:34

    Funny thing is .. I made these and they are too new for the era I model .. c. 1920 .. so ..expect to see earlier hydrants at some point


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