1:48 Flanged Coupling-Long

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This coupling is part of a set of pipe fittings that are designed to connect to Evergreen #224 tubing. This tubing has an Outside Diameter (O.D.) of 0.125″/3,2mm and an Inside Diameter (I.D.) of 0.069″/1,8mm.

PipeSizesI show this as 1:48 but it is useable in other scales. Nominal pipe size is not generally the pipe O.D. For NPS ⅛ to 12, the NPS and OD values are different. For example, the OD of an NPS 12 pipe is actually 12.75 inches. For NPS 14 and up, the NPS and OD values are equal. In other words, an NPS 14 pipe is actually 14 inches OD. To a large extent such variations in size can be ignored by we modelers as the slight difference at the scale we model is scarcely noticeable. The chart shows that for example if you are modeling in 1:48 thethat 0.125″ O.D. of the tubing would be 6″. Look down the column and this is in the 5″ to 6″ (nominal) pipe O.D. – actual being 5.563″ and 6.625″. All the way down and the flange has 8 bolts. These fittings all have 8 bolt flanges.

Coupling_Long_6in_flanged_OscaleA sectional view shows how I hollowed out the model. This may not seem like a ‘big deal’ but with FUD running $3.49 cm3 it does make a difference. The stud on the end nominally fits the I.D. of the #224 Evergreen tubing. I use the term ‘nominally’ because there is some changes in the plastic as it cools from printing resulting in slight variations. I imagine the same can be said for the Evergreen tubing. Testing, sometimes the stud will slide easily into the tubing and sometimes not so much. I have managed to break off the studs but I simply drilled them out using a 1/16″ bit and cemented a short length of .064″ dia copper wire (#14 AWG Electrical Wire – the white jacketed used to wire your house. Hey .. it was handy) . It won’t hurt if you reamed out the end of the tubing with that same 1/16″ bit.

6-in_modeledHere’s using some companion products in a model = a couple of 45° elbows and 90° elbows and #224 Evergreen tubing. The color .. simply sprayed gray primer with washes of a thinned white acrylic and rust wash. On a side note .. the milky area below the pipe is my scenic cement still drying (I like using ACF – Acrylic Concrete Fortifier) .. but I like the idea of a leak .. I may come back with come clear and do that.

If you would rather order in quantity from Shapeways you can do that too. They will charge a flat-rate $5 shipping unless you can catch one of their occasional ‘Free shipping’ promotions. My flat-rate shipping is $3. You can have them printed in either FUD or FXD.


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