1:48 Pipe Fittings (test)

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I had a message from a gentleman who builds 1:50 scale trucks. He needed various piping to connect with 1/8″ tubing. I re-worked the stud that fits into the ID of Evergreen #224 1/8″ tubing .. making it a couple thousands small in OD and walls thicker. This tubing has a nominal ID of 0.069″/1,8mm (my OCD makes me point out that .069″ = 1.75mm). Thing is .. I believe that Evergreen tubing is extruded .. so those dimensions are as I said ‘nominal’. I suggest that if trying to fit the stud into a piece of tubing you need to do it carefully and if it won’t go .. don’t force it .. the print will break long before the tubing. Take a drill and ream out that ID.

This test print consists of 45° and 90° elbows, 45° lateral, and tee modified from the first version. I created a new double flange and a new ball valve.

I only uploaded this morning so .. anyone placing an order need to be aware that while I think it is good to go .. you will still be a beta tester.


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