1:48 Quart Oil Bottles and Racks

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The following was taken from www.collectorsweekly.com : Prior to our disposable metal, paper and plastic oil containers you would purchase oil at a gas station either pumped from a drum or in glass quart bottles which sat in special racks.
completeThe bottles where mostly displayed in wire racks such as seen to the left. There WERE examples of solid racks made from wood. It might be possible to make an acceptable wire rack using Photo-etching – but until I acquire that skill I will have to stick to the solid rack.

Note: This is Version 5 of the rack. I had a problem with where the handle attaches to the box .. it was easy to break. I left the Version 1 rack up for now but be aware that this version is subject to breaking and has to be handled carefully.

What about Versions 2,3 and 4? Kept fixing issues and the different versions helps me keep this straight. This, the Version 5rack has a gussetts added which should fix that breakage problem and a few other fixes.

5 crates each of which holds 8 bottles.

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10 crates each of which holds 8 bottles.

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20 crates each of which holds 8 bottles.

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80 bottles.

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10 racks each of which holds 8 bottles. I added 80 bottles to completely stock the racks.

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