1:87 24in Gate Valve 4C Ver2

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The flange dia, number and size of bolts means these are all Class 150 pipe

The studs fit the ID of Evergreen #229 9/32″ tubing. This is pretty darn close in scale as the tubing would only be 7/16″ over the actual 24″ pipe diameter if enlarged to full scale. More than “good nuff”

The gate valve has holes for Dritz Quilting Pins (yellow heads) which are about 0.024″ dia. These valves need a handwheel 27-30″ dia. An O scale railroad brake wheel is approx. 22″ dia.

This was an assemblage of the HO 24-inch proof-printing. The rough texture is from the primer I used .. which went into the trash afterwards. The parts are smooth.


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