1:87 Bottles – Ver 5

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Order Directly from Rusty Stumps below

Tony Burgess asked me if I could do Beer/Soda bottles in HO scale. My feeling was .. yes .. just not sure how well they will print as these would be SMALL!! I went ahead and gave it the “old college try” .. as it were and this is the result. I originally had them printed at Shapeways but they kept having failed prints. I have since sent the CAD files to Walt Gillespie of Rusty Stumps.

Order the quantity you need from Rusty Stumps. They are 10 bottles to a strip and you can order various numbers of those strips.

These are small and can easily be damaged so HANDLE CARE is of the essance in handling, painting and installing either on your models or in a scene.

Keep the bottles on the strip for painting as it’s easier to handle them. Use a spring closing tweezers or such for holding while painting. Easily painted with craft paints but keep the coats of paint thin. Once the base color dries you can use another color to add a spot to simulate the lable. Also paint the cap a silver or contrasting color so it stands out.

Use a sharp X-Acto blade or similar knife to remove each bottle.


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