1:87 Corrugated Sheet Die – Ver3

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Corrugated Sheet Metal: The corrugations are described in terms of pitch (the distance between two crests) and depth (the height from the top of a crest to the bottom of a trough). Pitches have ranged from 25 mm (1 inch) to 125 mm (5 inches). It was once common for CGI used for vertical walls to have a shorter pitch and depth than roofing CGI. This shorter pitched material was sometimes called “rippled” instead of “corrugated”. However nowadays, nearly all CGI produced has the same pitch of 3 inches (76 mm).
This is the Prototype for Ver 3 of the die. My earlier versions had a corrugation profile that matched the real thing .. and it didn’t work. The aluminum foil springs back about 1/2 way leaving sheets with low corrugated profiles. I doubled the vertical size of the corrugations for this version. That *should* allow proper forming of the aluminum foil.

Note: These dies are so small it is difficult to hold them while pressing the foil. This is my solution.

Note: Please read the Safe Harbor Statement below. This is an ‘experiment’ in a way .. it should work .. it may not. Hopefully it will be fine.

Safe Harbor Statement: I have placed these parts in BETA. They have been tested and given a thumbs up by Ken “Module Man” Anderson of The Sipping and Switching Society of North Carolina. A BETA is not just about printing success but about the design also. This means that during the BETA phase by ordering these parts you are essentially a BETA tester and are working with me to improve the product.

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  1. Robert Getty at Mar 04, 2017 09:17:43

    I just ordered a set of the ho corrugated dies from Shapeways. I’d be glad to give you my impression of the tool after I’ve used it for awhile.

  2. Ken Anderson at Mar 16, 2017 04:37:25

    Edward really done his research and testing….also asking for modelers opinion how well this die/jig would work for modelers modeling in their scale. I give the 1/87th Scale corrugated die version 3 an excellent rating for workablity, realism of metal molded and Affordability for the scratch building modeler.


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