22.25mm dia Cowl Ventilators

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This is partly based on the Standard Pattern Cowl Ventilator as made to Classification Society Rules. The trunk (the smaller tube that goes into the deck) is made to connect to Evergreen tubing. The trunk matches the appropriate size tubing with a small stud that matches the tubing I.D. This way you can make the ventilator any height you desire.

The Boiler Room ventilators were larger than Engine Room ventilators as they (Boiler Room) had a secondary purpose in that they were also used as elevator shafts to lift ash buckets which were used to raise and dump ashes over the side into the dump scows while in harbor, if the steamer is a coal burner.

I have cowl ventilators int a range of sizes. Use the Line-Diagram to find what that will work in your scale and what Evergreen tubing will extend the trunk. The Diameter refers to the diameter of the cowl itself.


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