O Scale Roof Ventilators V2

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Shapeways recently revised the pricing structure for their Frosted Detail Plastics (FUD/FXD) – now the charges include a handling fee, cost per part, material cm3, support cm3 and machine space. This means where I formerly had separate parts, now I need to add these parts to a sprue. This will take a while so if you see a model not for sale that most likely means I haven’t revised the model yet. In this case let me know so I can bring this to the front of the que.

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The models were designed following an article from the Kansas State Agricultural College Bulletin – Volume IX April 1, 1925 Number 3 Comparative Tests of Automatic Ventilators – This was a test of automatic ventilators which the test divided into four classes – plain stationary, stationary siphoning, plain rotary, and rotary siphoning. From page 14, I used the Type 1A and 2A plain stationery for my models. Pages 18 and 19 has dimensions of the ventilators and diagrams.

While I designed my models for O scale I presume that they can be used in other scales. The full-size ventilators are only 17 in. dia. In HO this would be 30 in. dia.

Following the chart on page 18 and the diagrams on page 19 I created these models. Notice the full-size ventilators both have a 10″ lower pipe.

Here’s 1A as modified to print in FUD and scaled to O scale. Dimensions are in mm.

Here’s 2A as modified to print in FUD and scaled to O scale. Dimensions are in mm.


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