Steam Era Flywheels

Price: $24.52

Current stock is : 1

These are the four flywheels I test printed. The two smallest have been painted.n (clink on the diagram from a larger version)

Steam era flywheel. This is my smallest flywheel and measures 46.6mm dia and 6.67mm wide with a 4.44mm shaft hole. This is the flywheel shown as the featured image at the top of the page next to the quarter.

Note: if you wish this size in quantity let me know and I can sprue up a group of them.

I can cut about $4.50 off the cost by attaching the flywheels to a sprue (I say about since you have to add back the sprue cost) .. and within limits put more than the four into a mesh .. or .. create a mesh of just one size. Contact me for more info on that.


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