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On30 Critter


Once upon a time Shawn Branstetter ran a contest for his Short Line Modelers page .. to create a 'critter' using a NWSL drive. I selected the Model 1215 Stanton Drive with a 4'3" WB and 24" dia wheels (more or less) in O scale.


I made a 1:48 critter and I think it came out pretty well, all things considered.


The Critter as completed. The frame, suspension parts, front and rear were all resin castings I made from 3D prints from Shapeways.


The body was sheet styrene with everything else scratchbuilt.


So. One day something fell on the critter. I *think* it was my cat Tigger who knocked over whatever it was (I have long since forgotten what happened)

I'm curious to see if I can put it back together ... I think I have all of the parts and at least now I have my own resin printer so I can re-create any parts that I want ... or create new ones.


... no. Not going to happen. The resin warped over the years. Sigh. This is one of those times when something that appears to work at first ... doesn't over time.

I think that this is one of those times when you/I need to step back and punt. In this case going "old school" and making the frame from brass.


Making details via 3d printing (the parts were cast in resin from 3d originals) is still the way to go .. IMO .. but structural parts such as the frame I think that you need to use metal. This is really Monday Night Quarterbacking but true nether less.

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